Sep 10, 2001
NUMBER 6300-0

Russia increased its imports of poultry meat from the United States by
60% in the first half of this year.
By Interfax News Agency
September 10, 2001, Monday

Representatives of the Moscow offices of the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC), citing U.S. Agriculture Department figures, have told Interfax that January-June had seen 514,600 tones of poultry meat
imported into Russia, of which 493,600 tones were chicken, versus the 314,100 tones (299,400 tones of chicken) brought in during the same period last year. The chicken cost$ 260.2 million, 137% more than last year.

The sources also said that the U.S. exported 1.33 million tones of poultry meat in the first half all told, 1.22 million tones of that chicken.

Chief at the USAPEEC offices Albert Davleyev said his view is that the figures on poultry meat exports to Russia include not only direct sales to Russia, but also re-export to a number of CIS countries, notably Ukraine.
Government experts say that Ukraine gets from 10-15,000 tones of poultry meat through Russia on a monthly basis. This is because of unjustifiably high import duties on poultry meat sent to Ukraine, one government source said.

In addition, Russian ports see a lot of U.S. poultry meat destined for Central Asia, Davleyev noted. This is why USAPEEC estimates the sales volumes of American poultry meat directly to Russia at the level of 75-
80,000 tones per month, and 10-15% of which, mainly turkey meat, is raw material for meat-product makers, he added.

Experts say that Russia will import more than 1 million tonnes of poultry meat this year. The Russian State Statistics Committee's figures show that the country brought in 693,800 tones last year.